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Eric Moore

Eric is a potter based in Bridgewater, Vermont. We spent a quiet, snowy afternoon in the studio capturing some of his latest work, sipping coffee, eating chocolates, and talking shop. Lately, Eric has been hand collecting local clay in Pennsylvania, his home state, to use in his work. He also makes his own molds, including one that forms his signature spikes. He's always experimenting with something new!



Spare, beautiful lines, and a video shot over three days by Erin English that is nothing short of magical. The video is part of the BMAC exhibition because it shows 'the complexity and craftsmanship behind each piece.' Watching Nick English construct a table is what you need with your morning coffee.

Susan Apel, Artful

Nick English

Nick is a maker of fine furniture and wood objects. I document his process through video, showing as much as I can of the craft. The work is slow, methodical, and beautiful — it begs to be captured.



Erin, oh my stars, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love the music, I love how attentive, lighthearted, and observant you are. Your film illustrates a charismatic yet detailed and tender fascination with life and appreciation for all its rich textures and light details. Wow, wow, wow. I could not love this more.

Emily Mitchell, Everyday Films


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